Customer Service

Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about the items on this site or our services during business hours!
Please call us at 781-894-0523 to speak to one of us!

Complimentary Gift Wrapping on all purchases (In store or on-line)
Upon request, we will gift wrap your items in our beautiful wrapping paper, saving you time. This is just one way of saying thank you for shopping with us. Please call us or request at the time of purchase to receive this service.

Free Ring Sizing

Most rings are elegible for free sizing before shipping. Please call to request sizing.

Please visit our Information Section at the bottom of the page for Shipping and Return Information

Repairs and Restoration

At Descar, our expertise in repair and restoration is second to none. We are experienced in all aspects of jewelry repair and restoration

  • New Heads
  • Professional Diamond / stone setting
  • Prong Repair
  • New Shanks
  • New Wires for Bracelets
  • Laser work (for those delicate items)
  • Pearl and Bead Restringing
  • Engraving
  • Polish and Restore your fine jewelry

Custom Design

We will create a wax to fit your design and ideas, and after your final approval will cast in gold, platinum or silver.
The team at DesCar understands that a lifetime of memories are stored in each and every piece of jewelry you and your family own.The care and repair of them are never taken lightly. All work is done in-house and on our premises always in a friendly and timely manner. Restoring your jewelry to it’s original condition is something that we take pride in and this is what we do!.

  • Watches
  • Batteries
  • Bands (leather and metal)
  • New Crystals
  • New Quartz Movements
  • Repair
  • Cleaning

$$ Cash for Gold and Silver

If you have any unwanted gold or silver such as: unmatched earrings, old or broken rings, bracelets, or chains, you may apply your gold or silver towards a purchase here at Descar, or turn it in for cash.


What would happen if you lost or damaged that beautiful piece of jewelry? Have you thought about insurance? You can insure your jewelry with the country’s lending insurer of the jewelry industry…Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Since 1913, Jewelers Mutual has specialized in insuring jewelry and jewelry businesses throughout the United States.

They are well known and trusted in the jewelry industry. Plus, they insure more than one billion dollars of individuals’ personal jewelry…for people just like you. A.M. Best, an insurance company rating organization, gives them an A+ for their continued financial stability. Here are several good reasons to choose Personal Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual.

They are the jewelry insurance experts

Insuring jewelry is their only business! They have gemologists on staff, as well as underwriters and customer service representatives who are licensed insurance agents and are knowledgeable about jewelry.

Comprehensive protection for your scheduled jewelry

Their Personal Jewelry Insurance program provides protection for loss, theft, and damage. They even cover mysterious disappearance. the standard homeowners policy provides only limited coverage for jewelry. Jewelry losses you experience with Jewelers Mutual will not affect your existing homeowners policy or premium. The policy is available with no deductible, unless you choose one.

Replacement with like kind and quality

They will repair or replace your insured jewelry item with one of like kind and quality. They return you to the same position that you were in before the loss.

You return to your preferred jeweler for repair or replacement work

You work with your preferred jeweler the one you can trust — for repairs and replacements covered by the policy. In most cases, this is the jeweler from whom you purchased the item or who provided your insurance evaluation / appraisal. Other insurers contract with replacement companies for repair and replacements. With Jewelers Mutual, you won’t have to see a stranger to have your jewelry repaired or replaced. And they won’t make you get several estimates, either.

Regular inspections

To help reduce losses and to assure that your jewelry is insured for the proper value, we require periodic inspections of your insured items. During inspections, your trusted jeweler can identify small problems, such as loose gem stones and loose diamonds, worn prongs, and faulty clasps, before they become bigger ones.
Most jewelry values increase over time, so routine inspections are important for maintaining current values and adequate insurance limits. Inspections also are great opportunity to have your jewelry professionally cleaned.

Coverage for unscheduled jewelry

Our unscheduled jewelry option provides limited coverage for jewelry valued at $1,000 or less. You can add this option to your policy in $1,000 increments without an insurance evaluation/appraisal. The premium rate for insuring unscheduled jewelry is $15 per $1,000 of value, up to a $5,000 total limit. This coverage has a $100 deductible. To qualify for this coverage, you must have at least one item of jewelry scheduled on your policy appraisal.

Convenient payment plans

For your convenience, you may pay your insurance premium by check or credit card. If your premium is more than $200, they offer various payment plans.

Security system discount

You may qualify for a premium discount if you have a central station alarm system and insure $15,000 or more of personal jewelry. To qualify for an alarm credit, provide them with a copy of the alarm company’s maintenance agreement.

More than insurance

They do more than insure jewelry, as their motto “more than insurance” states. They offer advice about preventing losses and caring for your valuables. They provide exceptional service to meet your needs. As a mutual company, they don’t have stockholders who share in the profits. Any profits they make are put back into the company to assure affordable rates, excellent coverage, and responsive customer service.

If you have received the application from our store you can mail the application information to:

Perfect Circle by Jewelers Mutual
P.O. Box 3601
Neenah, WI 54957-1294

or fax to 920-969-1294

or apply online at:

Questions? Call at: 888-884-2424