Options for your Diamond after Divorce

The engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love and sentiment.  What happens though when you need to figure out what to do with it when you get divorced and are ready to leave behind a relationship that the ring is tied to?  This is a question that we get often and although it is a sore subject for some, we have a few ideas to pass along to hopefully make the process a little easier – after all, we are not divorcing the jewelry!

  1. Redesign it! Who says you can’t wear your diamond in a new form?! We have created some beautiful pendants, mother’s rings, and right hand rings out of what once were engagement rings.  Wearing it in a different form will change the look entirely and still give you a timeless piece to enjoy.


  1. Sell it! If you are NOT interested in redesigning to wear the diamond in a new form, selling it may be the route for you! Be sure to bring in any paperwork on the stone you may have when coming in.  At DesCar, we always give you the fairest market value for your pieces and everything that is purchased is ALWAYS done in complete confidence.


  1. Save it for your child(ren)! Many who have children before a divorce like to leave it for their kids. Maybe your son will one day need a diamond to present to someone.  Your daughter may love a pendant for her 18th  If your children are older, give them the option! It may have sentiment for them.


The important thing to always remember is that this decision should not be made rushed.  Bring your ring in for a FREE verbal evaluation of the stone.  From there we can help you weigh out your options and give you some guidance.  Be sure to think through which option is best for you and if we can be of any other assistance – please don’t hesitate to contact us!